Pleasure to  work  with

Sometimes people just connect. Such was my experience working with Jill on our kitchen on Walloon Lake. From the beginning, I would say what about this and she’d say yes, what about that and she’d say yes. Jill puts a lot of experience and knowledge into designing the perfect kitchen. Jill is a pleasure to work with.

Patti Miesel | Walloon Lake

More beautiful than imagined

Suggesting we raise the roof (or more accurately, that we thread a new 22” diameter solid log beam through the side of the house) was just type of vision we were hoping for when we called Jill to oversee the kitchen renovation in our log home. Beautiful material sources, attention to detail, great communication, and a meticulous installation team - the end result is a kitchen more beautiful than we ever imagined.

Steve & Renee | Walloon Lake

I  love my kitchen

I love my kitchen at Walloon! You anticipated what I needed before I did. I have piles of storage,the pantry/ laundry room works well. The spice cabinets on each side of the stove are really handy and neatly stored. I really want to talk to you about doing the kitchen in the apartment as well.

Happy Client | Walloon Lake

The   perfect   designer

From the moment we first walked into Jill’s ‘Kitchen by Design’ studio, we knew we had found the perfect designer to make our dream kitchen and baths come to life. She had reviewed our home plans with our builder and the inspiration photos we had provided before we even met her in our first meeting. She immediately showed us some sketches and ‘boy...did she nail it’. It is not like us to make decisions so readily, but Jill knew not only knew and understood exactly what we were looking for, but enhanced our ideas with elements we never could have imagined.

Jill’s enthusiasm is infectious. She is passionate about not only creative design elements but also practicality and functionality of our space as well. She was amazing at coordinating unique counter surfaces, with distinctive cabinetry, hardware and appliances. She made planning our kitchen and baths a fun and surprisingly an easy experience (as we were still living in Chicago during the planning stages). Jill was so dedicated to our project and so committed to making sure we were completely satisfied. Now that our home is complete we miss all of the enjoyable meetings with Jill, and she will always be considered one of our special new friends as we have relocated to Charlevoix.

Diane & Mike | Charlevoix

Inspired  by our Client's Satisfaction

We give every project the same amount of inspiration and attention to detail. Designer Jill Brecheisen works relentlessly to go above and beyond her client's expectations.  In return for her amazing design work and attention to details, clients praise her with compliments, thank you's and genuine happiness when they are able to walk through their awe-inspiring kitchen or bath for the first time.

"Seeing the overwhelming happiness on my client's faces when we tour their new kitchen for the first time is what makes me love what I do and inspires me to continue being the best I can be."

- Jill Brecheisen, designer

Jill's ideas and design transformed our home

It’s hard to put into words what Jill has done for my wife and I. We had a plan drawn in 2010 and expected this drawing to be our ultimate dream home. Unfortunately, the project was tabled at that time but we held on to the blue prints with the hope of someday being able to achieve our dream. The plan was originally set to be a rustic flavor outside of town in the woods. Thank goodness we waited. Seven years later and our tastes had changed and the desire to be closer to town with kids became apparent. Now what happens with our plans? We still loved the layout or so we thought but the rustic theme had to change. In comes Jill!! I have been in the industry my whole life, I have worked with multiple designers, I have seen almost all that is to be seen in the realm of custom homes. My home is nothing extravagant and is very modest in size but it is so much more than we hoped for. Jill’s ideas and design transformed our home and has brought so much joy to my wife and I. In the beginning I couldn’t bear to look at another Pinterest picture or Houzz advertisement brought to me by Jackie, but Jill on the other hand, welcomed Jackie’s thoughts, wants and needs. Our home is nothing like our drawings we were so proud of seven years ago. Jill’s attention to detail and ability to listen is her biggest asset. We love showing our house. Jill has given us great space to entertain and never limited herself to just areas of kitchen or bathrooms, she considered every inch of the home and how we wanted to live within it to create her design.

Building or remodeling a home is very emotional. People save for years and plan for longer of what it’s going to be like to finally have that cottage or home, they envision kids and grandkids running through the house, slamming screen doors, big mudrooms and beautiful kitchens. Jill can see your thoughts and dreams for herself.

Jackie & Kenny | Birchwood Construction

We would highly recommend Jill 

It was such a pleasure to work with Jill Brecheisen of Kitchens By Design. She assisted us with the design and material selections for our bathrooms, kitchen and bar area when we were building our new home. Jill’s creativity and expertise made the process inspiring and fun from design to implementation. She gracefully accepted our ideas and collaborated to incorporate or enhance them as the finished product evolved.

Each of our rooms has a unique character and mix of materials that we continue to enjoy and receive frequent compliments from guests. She listened carefully to our priorities so that the rooms are not only beautiful but intuitively functional. Designing a kitchen can be a daunting task. Jill was able to incorporate our storage needs with our culinary interests and habits. She considered intricate details like which side we want to reach for a spice or the trash or a utensil. Our kitchen now feels specifically designed for us but I suspect would meet the needs of most.

Jill clearly loves what she does and is a true professional. She has well established positive relationships with other local professionals in the trades which served as an important asset in our experience. She made herself readily available to us throughout the process and interfaced with various contractors on our behalf as needed.

Jill’s attention to detail extends beyond design. It is evident in her drawings, proposals and follow up. She seems to think of each detail along the way and even offered suggestions that helped enhance other aspects of our project and complimented the overall result.

It was clearly a positive and gratifying experience to work with Jill and we would highly recommend her for your home project.

Ed & Shelly Robertson | Petoskey

Did a Fabulous Job

Jill Brecheisen and her Kitchens by Design team did a fabulous job working with us on our completely reconstructed kitchen which was creative, beautiful and functional. It was a complicated renovation project where she incorporated a variety of attractive surfaces and a traffic flow which allows our visitors at Walloon Lake to congregate and enjoy one another’s company while we are preparing food. Jill is easy to work as she listens and subsequently executes a plan.

Jane | Walloon Lake